The head of the Texas Central Railway says a lot of people are interested in a train which could make the Houston-to-Dallas trip in 90 minutes.  The Federal Railroad Commission cleared the way for the project to move forward yesterday.  Robert Eckles says a ride on the 200-mile-per-hour train would cost less than a commercial jet flight.


“People have seen the delays in the aircraft travel now, the TSA and the airports and the weather, and the challenges for the drive,” says Eckles.  “The traffic is getting worse between Houston and the Dallas-Fort Worth region.” 

When the environmental impact studies are done, public forums would be next.  Construction could start in 2016, with service available by 2021.


“That will finish in the next 18 months and we'll get what's call a record of decision,” he says, “which would then let us proceed with the construction of the project and the permitting from the Corps of Engineers for the rivers we cross and those kinds of issues.”