We told you two weeks ago that an Air Force base in San Antonio was being used to house illegal immigrants. It now looks like the overcrowding problem has gone beyond using Lackland Air Force Base and others around the country.


The Federal Government has now asked homeless shelters in cities like El Paso to help with the overcrowding problem. Mark Krikorian at the Center for Immigration Studies told KTRH this is all because of one reason.


“It’s the President’s lax immigration enforcement. You have zero chance of being deported unless you are some kind of criminal,” Krikorian told KTRH.


And Krikorian says if you’re surprised at this development, you shouldn’t be.


“It’s been building for a couple of years. It’s finally reached the level where the mainstream media is paying attention” Krikorian stated.


JoAnn Fleming is the Executive Director at Grassroots America and told KTRH she's more concerned about who is being asked to leave than about who is being allowed to stay.


“We don’t want to see any of our citizens to be displaced, including veterans,” Fleming said to KTRH News.


Fleming also maintains we haven’t learned from history.


“We should have learned from 1986. Ronald Reagan said one of the things that he regretted most was the amnesty that was granted,” Fleming explained.


As far as legislation to help with the immigration problem, President Obama reportedly told a pro-amnesty group this week there's a chance the House of Representatives acts on amnesty legislation next month.