If you needed more proof that Big Brother is always watching you, you don’t have to look any further than what the FBI is doing right now.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, through a freedom of information request, has discovered that the FBI will have one-third of us on a facial recognition database by next year.

“The big concern is the fact that many people who are not involved in the criminal justice system will have their image in the FBI’s facial recognition database,” EFF attorney Jennifer Lynch  told KTRH.

Lynch says any of you could wind up getting caught up in something you weren't expecting, like a criminal investigation.

“Anybody who submits to a background check where their fingerprint might have been taken, now may be required to submit a photograph along with that fingerprint,” Lynch said.

But while Lynch is outraged at what’s going on, former Houston cop Mike Knox told KTRH that this FBI program is nothing new.

“If you’re in the business you know this stuff is going on,” Knox told KTRH. “If you’re in the general population you don’t really think about it.”

Knox says there's no way to avoid this, because we have no right to privacy when we walk around in public.

“I don’t see how we are going to get around that,” Knox said.

And Knox believes we may be hurting ourselves with all the pictures we post on social media.