Your next stop at the drive thru might get more costly if a group of fast food workers get their way.

The fast food strike that has hit other cities around the country is headed to Houston and other Texas cities today. A walkout will take place at the Burger King at Westheimer and Montrose.

The reason for the job action is that workers want to be paid better. Specifically, they want 15 dollars an hour. Robert Gilmer at the University of Houston says they might be hurting themselves more than anything else.

“Workers will be replaced by technology. iPads will be taking orders when you walk through the door,” Gilmer said. “If the price of labor goes off there will be fewer jobs. There’s an explicit tradeoff.”

In other words, higher wages mean companies will look for ways to save on labor. Gilmer says the Texas Organizing Project, which is behind the walkout, seems to be missing the point on these kinds of jobs.

“These are entry level jobs. This is where kids get summer jobs. This is where people begin their working life. The pay isn’t supposed to be that high,” Gilmer explained.

And there would be one more thing that would happen if workers get their way. That value meal you like so much would get more expensive.

“You’re going to have to pass the cost through. And there is no question that those costs are going to be passed through,” Gilmer stated.

KTRH reached out to the Texas Organizing Project, the group organizing the walkout for their side of the story. They did not call us back.