If you head to your favorite fast food place for lunch today you might notice that something is a bit off. You might notice the service that you get isn’t what it normally is.

Fast food workers, like they've done before, are planning to walk off the job today in about 100 cities including Houston. They are protesting because they want more money. They are looking to make 15 dollars an hour. Richie Jackson of the Texas Restaurant Association told KTRH he isn't taking them seriously.

“I think it is largely publicity. It is interesting how these things tend to generate themselves as we gear up for an election year,” Jackson said.

Jackson says the workers might get some attention today, but it won’t last.

“This is labor’s attempt to try and assert themselves as being relevant when they are losing market share every day,” Jackson explained.

Jackson also says if they get what they want, you will wind up paying for it in the end.

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“Higher wages means higher prices. For us, what it really means is loss of sales and loss of employment,” Jackson stated.

And at the end of the day, Jackson says $15 an hour just isn’t realistic.

“We have very small sales per employee. Fifteen dollars an hour just means we will lose that value proposition,” Jackson said.

KTRH reached out to the organizers of the walkout and the Service Employees International Union multiple times over the last few days. They were unavailable to talk to us.