As the ‘Gang of Eight’ bipartisan Senators continue to work on a new immigration bill, farmers want their voice to be heard on the issue.

Many growers have had issues with the current H-2A visa program. Steve Pringle, Legislative Director for the Texas Farm Bureau, told KTRH the current program is just not working.

“Seventy percent of the agriculture workforce in the United States today is probably undocumented or erroneously documented,” Pringle said.

Pringle is in Washington to talk with officials about the issue, and says they have sent a message to lawmakers.

“We want to have a documented workforce. We want to comply with the law,” Pringle explained.

Pringle told KTRH about the kind of solution that would work for the farmers.

What would work would be a program that is administered through the Department of Agriculture. The current program is administered through the Department of Labor,” Pringle stated.

Pringle says the Department of Agriculture running the program makes more sense because they are more aware of the issues that farmers in Texas and the rest of the country face.