Apple Inc. says it will "fully investigate" reports that a woman was electrocuted in China while trying to use an iPhone 5 while it was recharging.

However, KTRH engineer David Obert says under normal circumstances, iPhone users have no reason to be concerned.

“The voltage is between three and five volts, so that's half of a 9-volt battery,” he says.  “There had to be something extremely wrong with either the charger's wiring, or probably even the wiring at the circuit where it was plugged in.”

Obert says there are so many factors to consider, other than an iPhone simply being plugged in and charging.

“Just the right grounding that happened, then she would be subject to 220 volts from the wall outlet, or whatever the voltage is in China,” he says.  “The voltage from a normal tip of an iPhone charger, there's no way you could kill yourself with that.”

Owners are reminded to avoid using their phone in the bath or if they are extremely wet, because water could run down the wire and into the plug.