There is a new app for lost logs.  Finding Rover uses state-of-the-art face recognition technology to match pictures taken of lost dogs with photos owners have uploaded to the database, and alert owners if there is a match.

Trevor Page is a pet lover and founder of WhiskerDocs, the first 24/7 Ask-A-Vet helpline.  “I think this technology is absolutely fabulous,” Page told KTRH News.  “I downloaded the app and I’ve just been going crazy with it all day.”

It was developed by dog-owner John Pilimeno, who says he and his wife were sitting in a coffee shop one day and spotted a lost dog poster.  The idea came to him to develop a program that would help frantic pet owners reunite with their beloved dog.

Trevor Page would like to see it expanded to other pets in the family.  “You know I’m really hoping they add a feature for cats.  You know cats are more of an escape artist than dogs.  I’m hoping they move it towards cats but for now it’s just dogs.”

The finding Rover app is free.  It alerts users within a ten mile radius when a dog-owner sends out a lost dog message.

When it was first introduced, within five weeks Finding Rover had more than 20,000 registered users.