You hear of all the stories of cyber crooks stealing your personal information.  Now there are thieves that con you into volunteering your info willingly.  They are popping up on Facebook more and more and experts say you have to be extra careful to avoid getting duped.


The latest scam from internet criminals involves making up phony Facebook pages of companies you trust like Southwest Airlines and Disney.  Once they have the page they can buy ads with giveaways and coupons geared to lure you into giving up your name, home and cell phone number, and address.   You’ll never know what happens to your information once they have it and you certainly won’t be getting the deal of gift you were promised in the advertisement. 


So how can you avoid being the victim of one of these scams?  Well, first of all Facebook says they are aware that these imposters are out there and are continuously working to identify the accounts and delete them.  Cyber security expert Chris Bronk with Rice University says you have to be extra careful about the ads you click on and to whom you pass along personal info.   For instance the fake Disney page had about 7,200 “likes” while the real Disney page has 13.4 million. 


Bronk also suggests using Ad Block Plus, which is a browser tool that will block all or most Facebook ads.  He warns though some ads will still appear in your news feeds, especially id friends like or share it.   
You can also report possible fake pages to Facebook by using
this link.