If you have kids on Facebook you might have noticed that the social media site has changed its policy again on the posting of violent videos.

Facebook has done a complete reversal on the issue. In May the site started taking down violent videos after complaints from the Family Online Safety Institute. Now, they are being allowed back online. Social media analyst Crystal Washington says it's about keeping up with other social media sites.

“If they want to stay competitive with Twitter then they can’t really censor a lot of things that happen in the real world,” Washington told KTRH.

Facebook says the videos can stay as long as they don't glorify violence. But who decides what is violent? Analyst Chris Kraft says for now, it's Facebook.

“It’s a question all technology companies with large user bases have. Apple, for instance, has strict rules on pornography,” Kraft said.

Kraft says Facebook has to play policeman here.

“Companies realize they have to play some sort of censorship role to keep the health of their community intact. I think Facebook is struggling with that,” Kraft told KTRH.

Critics say the images could cause harm to kids, but Crystal Washington told KTRH parents have a responsibility here, too.

“Parents are not adhering to the 13-year old age limit and they are letting younger children on Facebook that don’t belong there,” Washington explained.

KTRH tried to talk with the Family Online Safety Institute about this, but they didn't return our calls.