The FAA says it's about to ease the rules on electronic gadgets on flights and experts say it's about time.

You probably won't be able to make calls on your cell phone, but you'll be able to play games with it or watch movies on your iPad. Travel and gadget guru Peter Shankman says the rules are silly anyway.

"What's the great line from the West Wing 'you’re gonna tell me I can flummox this with something I bought at Radio Shack?'"

Shankman says he doesn't buy the argument gadgets will fly through the cabin.

"It becomes a flying missile in the event of a crash; well so does the magazine, so does the book. I'd rather get hit with a Kindle than a hardcover, that's for sure."

Shankman says the interference argument no longer holds water, either. He says cell phones and tablets are well-shielded and don't interfere with the plane's electronics.

"20 years ago, yeah, my cell phone would set off the local fire alarm or whatever because it was on the same frequency. Or you'd be able to listen to your friend's cordless phone conversations on a baby monitor. That's really changed."