Researchers say letting an iPad babysit children is a bad idea. They say it can harm brain development and keep kids from learning to do even the simplest things -- like writing.

Dr. Supriya Ramanathan is a pediatrician with Houston's UT Health. She agrees with the researchers and says toddlers under two shouldn't have any access to tablet computers. 

"There should be no systematic exposure in the first two years of life because this is a young brain that's developing that does not know what is real and what is not real."

Dr. Ramanathan says kids over age two should be limited to no more than two hours a day and she says Wi-Fi should be disabled at night to keep the little kids off the 'Net. Plus, she says don't allow the tablet to be used at the dinner table or the bedroom.

"I would encourage screen-free zones; for example nothing at all in the bedroom because that's strongly associated in studies with obesity and lack of sleep."

Dr. Ramanathan says it's important for kids to go outside and play before they spend a lot of time with computers.