We've all gotten them at some time; will spam calls ever stop? Experts say no and it'll get worse before it gets better.

Marketing consultant Peter Shankman says there's no reason for spammers to obey do not call laws.

"It's sort of like jaywalking; it's illegal but when's the last time you actually saw someone get a jaywalking ticket?"

Shankman says the answer is to increase penalties on the spammers.

"It has to be enough to drive the companies out of business for them to actually worry 'hey -- if we do this the benefits might be outweighed by the fines we have to pay.'"

But Shankman says he's not aware of any serious effort on Capitol Hill to increase penalties for ignoring the do not call list.

Shankman suggests we screen all calls we don’t recognize and if a message is not left you can Google the number to see who called.