Earlier this week, KTRH told you exclusively that two HISD schools, Peck Elementary and the Martin Luther King Early Childhood Center, were going to host the NRA’s Eddie Eagle Gun Safe Program for a visit to teach kids about gun safety.

Shortly after KTRH aired that report, both visits were canceled by the schools.

When the visit was scheduled, Peck Principal Carlotta Brown told Houston’s Morning News she was excited to have the program talk to the kids.

“We are so elated to have the program in our school,” Brown told KTRH’s Matt Patrick Tuesday on Houston's Morning News during a discussion with Matt and and NRA Community Outreach Program representative Eric Lipp.

Brown was asked by Houston's Morning News if she was taking heat for inviting the NRA in the first place.

“That’s not been the case in my school. It’s very important that we enlighten the school,” Brown said.

She might have been happy then but a few hours later the school cancelled the visit. An HISD spokesman said the school didn't know Eddie Eagle was connected to the NRA. Ray Hunt of the Houston Police Officer's Union told Patrick Brown's not telling the truth.

“It was clear she knew who was putting it on and she was elated with it. Somebody got in touch with her, I believe, and told her she wasn’t going to do it because it was connected with the NRA,” Hunt said.

Hunt says this is a clear case of anti-NRA bias.

“If this program was being sponsored by HPD or the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, there would be a line of people waiting for us to come teach it to them,” Hunt said.

Peck’s visit wasn't the only one that was called off. A visit scheduled for today at the Martin Luther King Early Childhood Center was cancelled as well. This was after school social worker Renee Mills told KTRH the school invited them there in the first place.

“We contacted them and set it up. We can’t wait for them to come,” Mills told KTRH.

KTRH tried to contact both schools after the cancellations were announced. Neither school returned the call for comment.