The government shutdown is now affecting employers who are trying to help the economy, by hampering their ability to add new workers.

The national E-Verify system is a part of the non-essential government shutdown.  The work status system is used by employers to verify if new hires are eligible to work.  This includes immigration status, residency, and criminal status.

Alex Nowrasteh with the Cato Institute says this doesn't just affect migrant workers, "I think the thing that I would worry about with E-Verify is all of the Americans and legal workers and the American employers who now have to hire people and wait until the government gives them permission..."

Not all states require E-Verify and not all employers are required to use E-Verify so the shutdown won't affect everybody.  Employers can still use traditional I-9 form verification, but that takes more time and is not as updated as E-Verify.  Which means that once the shutdown is over and E-Verify is back up and running, employers will have to do all of the I-9 verification over again.