The head of Texas Equusearch says more than 100 vehicles are submerged in Houston bayous, but claims police don't want him to talk about it.

Tim Miller says his sonar equipment has identified 127 vehicles still under water, possibly hiding clues to missing persons cases.  He took his findings to HPD three years ago.

“A top ranking officer with HPD, basically his words were shut up,” says Miller.  “Number one the city doesn't have the money, and number two the community would go crazy.”

HPD spokesman Victor Senties acknowledged the department is aware of Miller's findings.

“Most of those vehicles cannot be removed because they will tear into pieces during recovery attempts,” Senties tells KTRH News.  “Others are in locations where its impossible to make recovery attempts.”

“We did dive on two of the most promising vehicles that were pointed out at that time, but both were so old and very corroded they could not be recovered in time,” he said.

Miller argues not only are the vehicles clogging up bayous, but their oil, gas and rust pose a threat to the environment.  He also has seen several missing person cases solved by recovering submerged vehicles.

“Divers went down and it was a 73-year-old lady missing for five years,” he says.  “We personally recovered one back in July accidentally that was missing for two years in Indiana.”

Miller plans to ask City Council next week for permission to pull out the vehicles himself, at a fraction of the cost to taxpayers without using HPD's dive team and resources.