In the wake of this year's deadly fertilizer plant explosion in West, the EPA Tuesday kicked off a nationwide series of informational meetings in Texas City.

The Obama administration ordered the meetings after a congressional hearing into the West disaster.  Texas City has suffered similar tragedies, most recently in 2005, and what is considered the worst industrial accident in U.S. History in 1947.

Texas currently leads the nation in housing these types of facilities.

“There are 33 facilities which put one million people or more at risk,” says Adrian Shelley with the group Air Alliance Houston.

He says the flow of information is key.

“There is already a lot of regulations and laws in place that if they were totally implemented and utilized, may have prevented the West disaster,” Shelley tells KTRH News.

Bottom line is U.S chemical plants need to be held accountable, says Shelley.

“The fertilizer plant in West, TX had not reported the quantities of ammonium nitrate, there wasn't any recognition there was a problem there,” he says.  “Enforcement can only begin with adequate access to information.”

A hearing on the EPA findings will take place in Houston in January.