Houston's booming local economy isn't all good news.  It also creates these huge traffic jams we have to deal with every day.  Total Traffic’s Darby Douglas has been reporting Houston traffic for more than 22 years.  He says there wasn't much to talk about during the recession, but he says, now, he has never seen traffic this bad in his life.

“During our morning rush hour,” Douglas says, “not only is it slow going into town, it's still slow going out of town.  Then, in the afternoon, it's way worse, because everybody seems to have a job in this town.”

He says there wasn’t much to talk about when we were dealing with the recession here.

“Traffic dropped down so much during the recession,” he says, “that it was almost like summer time traffic during the day.”

Then, we started bouncing back.

“Since we've started recovering in the last two to three years,” he says, “I've never seen traffic this bad, in my life, in Houston.”

The difference isn't as noticeable in other cities, because the rebound hasn't been as dramatic.