The price for electricity hit another record in October, up 42-percent in a decade.  Good news for Texans is that we continue to pay well below the national average due to the state's reliance on natural gas.

“What we have right now is an environment of low natural gas prices, says Centerpoint's Shane McLaughlin.  “So, the more natural gas you get your electricity from, the lower your costs are going to be.”

And rates in Texas should remain roughly 25-percent below the national average.

“There's a lot of supply, people know where it is, and if there needs to be more, people can drill it fairly quickly,” says McLaughlin.

If you want to keep your bills low this winter, McLaughlin says keep those holiday lights to a minimum, and always shop around.

“The rates we're quoting are available to customers that select them,” he says.  “So if you're not renewing your electricity contract every year, odds are you're over paying.”