As a nation we are getting older. Some cities are doing their best to prepare for this growth. Some are not.

The numbers are eye opening. The number of seniors is expected to double to 92 million by 2060. Rice's Steve Murdock says not many cities are ready.

“I don’t think people have fully comprehended the size of this. Many cities are less prepared than they should be. It’s an area we’ve never been to. In general, it is hard to anticipate something you’ve never experienced before,” Murdock said.

Some Texas cities are preparing though. Austin has put together a task force to look into the issue. Bobbie Barker is the co-chair of that task force and told KTRH about the areas they are trying to improve.

“Health, housing, basic services, transportation, social services and care giving,” Barker said.

Barker’s task force has been studying the issue for the last year and will make recommendations in the coming weeks for how to deal with the issue. She says many other cities in Texas are not being proactive.

“In Texas we are a little behind the curve. It’s time for us to start looking at this issue,” Barker explained.

The city of Houston seems to fall into that category. The city demographer, Bala Balachandran, told KTRH in an email that the city does not 'project population by age' for future years.