The NRA is coming to Houston for its convention this weekend, but before the convention, the group is coming to a school near you to teach kids about gun safety.

The Eddie Eagle program was created in 1988, and it's making a stop in Houston over the next couple of days. First up is a visit to Peck Elementary, where Principal Carlotta Brown tells KTRH she's happy to have Eddie speak to the kids.

“We are so excited. I want the children to know what true gun safety is. I want them to notify someone if they see someone with a gun,” Brown explained.

Brown says education is even more important considering the fact some of her students have already been exposed to weapons.

“Unfortunately, many of them have. It’s my job to teach them that they shouldn’t play with guns,” Brown stated. “This is crucial. Knowledge is power. Guns are for hunting or protecting, not hurting people.”

Eric Lipp of the NRA says the critics don't realize the NRA does more than just advocate for Second Amendment rights.

“We’re not out to teach whether guns are good or bad. It’s strictly a safety program. We want the kids to have the right safety information,” Lipp said.

Lipp says what happened in Newtown last December has had a big impact on the program.

“It’s opened the door for a lot of educators to realize this is something that should be taught in school. This is a message we need to make sure our children have,” Lipp explained.

After visiting Peck today, Eddie's next stop will be at the Martin Luther King Early Childhood Center tomorrow. The NRA convention starts on Friday at the Brown Convention Center.