Research is being ramped up in the search for a cure for the Ebola virus.  It has been easily contained in the past, but this time more than 700 victims have died in Africa. 

Two American doctors are very sick. 

Dr. Luis Ostroski is a professor of infectious diseases at UT Health Science Center.

“In this global world we live in,” Dr. Ostroski says, “it would take very little for a physician, or somebody affected by the virus, to get on a plane and bring it to another country.”

One of the infected doctors is a Texan. 

The virus has a mortality rate of 60 percent in the current outbreak.  That's actually lower has been seen in the past.  There is no medical intervention.

“All we have for the patients is supportive care,” he says.  “That is, supporting the organ when they are failing while we wait for the virus to go away.”