A bill to drug test all state lawmakers on the day they take office looks like it will wind up stalling in Austin, but that doesn’t mean it’s dead. Not by a long shot.

State Senator Eddie Lucio Jr. (Brownsville) proposed a bill to test state Representatives and Senators as a complement to bills that would test those looking for welfare and unemployment. Lucio told KTRH this is only the beginning, even if the bill doesn't get out of House Committee (which it had not as of the weekend).

“We’ll re-introduce it early and hopefully get the votes and support it needs to move it along,” Lucio told KTRH.

Analysts like Bryan Preston of Pajamas Media says all this bill was, at the end of the day, was grandstanding.

“Targeting them for drug testing is just a gimmick designed on shaming them,” Preston said. “His agenda is to preserve the welfare state at the taxpayer’s expense.”

But Lucio says that's not the case.

“We’re not above the law. We’re not above the general public. We’re not above them,” Lucio stated. “We’ve had a couple of bills move through the session relating to drug testing. I talked on the Senate floor about building trust with the voters. This is how we could start.”

Lucio told KTRH he took a drug test himself and invited his colleagues to do so at the end of last year.