A Houston landmark is to be imploded Sunday morning.  The 10-story Macy’s building comes down just after sunrise that morning, taking a lot of memories with it.  And, many of Houston's long-time residents remember it when it was Foley's Department Store.


“Foley's was a big store,” says former Mayor Bob Lanier.  “I bought all my clothes there, after I'd made enough money to move downtown.”


The man known as Mayor Bob says he has strong memories of the place.  Born in Baytown, he's lived in Houston since 1949.


“I'd eat over there and we'd go over and sit at the restaurant during the World Series - and we'd watch it there.”


It was the start of a life-long love affair with Houston.  “I've always loved Houston,” Mayor Bob says. “It's an open city.  You come here, they don't ask you who's your daddy?  They say, what do you do?”


After the vacant Macy's comes down, there are plans to erect a commercial office building on that block of downtown space.