HPD's recently announced plan to add more cameras around downtown Houston is drawing criticism from those fearing the Big Brother could soon be watching our every move.

Police insist the federally funded cameras are needed to catch criminals.

“We think that its a slippery slope, and its very dangerous because the more freedoms and privacy you give away, the harder it is to reclaim some of those,” says attorney Amin Alehashem at the Texas Civil Rights Project – Houston.

Before he was elected to city council last year, Michael Kubosh fought hard to remove Houston's red light cameras.  The councilman however, supports the HPD cameras.

“I don't believe they're going to monitoring the whereabouts of people as much going back once there has been a crime committed,” Kubosh tells KTRH News.

“This is not even in the same league as the red light camera situation,” he says. “This is solving a crime, not necessarily trying to create a revenue stream.”

Once installed, the new batch of cameras will bring the total to 1,000 -- all pointing at public areas throughout downtown.

“We need to evaluate this with a very heightened sense of scrutiny, and think about a more abusive power tomorrow, what could they do with these cameras?” Alehashem asks.