The Texas Supreme Court will hear arguments today in a case that may wind up having a big impact on what you can say online about someone else.

Businessman Robert Kinney has been in a legal fight with his ex-boss for years after he left to start his own business in Austin.

“In order to be sure he got even he posted a bunch of claims about me on his business website,” Kinney told KTRH.

So Kinney took Andrew Harrison Barnes to court, but wasn't able to get the claims removed. So, now it goes to the Texas Supreme Court, and Kinney lawyer Martin Siegel told KTRH what Kinney wants is simple.

“We just want the defamatory content taken down,” Siegel said.

And what would the impact be if Kinney gets what he wants?

“It would be a new weapon for people who feel like they’ve been defamed on the internet,” Siegel explained.

Kinney says it’s not about him anymore.

“I just want to make sure the law is clarified, so that other people that have similar issues have the remedy they should have; which is a remedy that allows a judge to shut a website like this down,” Kinney said.

And Siegel told KTRH it's about the bigger picture now.

“We think the case is relevant for things like cyber bullying,” Siegel stated.

Barnes' attorney says Kinney's case is without merit. KTRH reached out to them for their side of the story. They did not return our calls.