The first day of school may be liberation for some parents, but for those whose kids are headed to school for the first time, it can be sad. If you feel that way, experts say you should be happy to see the kids reach a new stage of life.

Houston family therapist Julie Nise says you're succeeding as a parent.

"It is actually a time for celebration because it means that you're one step further down the road of completing your task. Your task is to grow and raise healthy, mature, responsible adults into adulthood; help them launch into their own path, their own life."

Nise says the job of a parent is to train the kids to be independent.

"The kids only just come through you, they don't belong to you. Your job as a parent is to finally not have a job anymore and that means that they're healthy and stable and functioning on their own in a mature way."

For parents who've suffered an entire summer of kids screaming, running around and breaking stuff, Nise also says there's no shame in enjoying a break as kids return to class. She says take that time to rekindle romance in your marriage.