Newly declassified documents from the FBI show Brazoria County is home to an alleged Islamist training compound.

Papers obtained by the Clarion Project reveal a camp near Sweeny known as “Mahmoudberg” -- one of 22 owned by the group Muslims of the Americas. 

Local residents have reported hearing gunfire, and police investigated a shooting involving MOA members in 2002.


“Until authorities get some information that they're planning to engage in violence to carryout their ideas, there is nothing illegal about it,” says terror expert Jeffrey Addicott at St. Mary's University in San Antonio.


However, MOA members in the past have been tied to 10 murders, 1 disappearance and multiple bombings.


“We have had scores and scores and scores of cases tried in federal court, and right here in Texas we've had seven individuals since 9/11 that have been arrested for attempting to kill large numbers of people, or who have killed large numbers of people like Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan,” Addicott tells KTRH News.


Still, Addicott says nothing can be done about MOA until the government designates it as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.


“The problem with our leadership in my opinion is they put their heads in the sand, they don't want to talk about the threat because of political correctness,” he says.  “These groups realize this, so they hide behind religion and they hide behind freedom of speech.”


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