A new documentary due out next month focuses on guns in America, and features everyone from rapper Ice T to rocker Ted Nugent.

Kris Koenig wrote, produced and directed “Assaulted – Civil Rights Under Fire.”  He hopes the film gets people on both sides of the issue to simply take a step back and look at the facts.

“Hopefully we can get them to focus on the real causes of gun violence,” Koenig tells KTRH News.  “Drugs, gangs, family, education, opportunities in inner cites, and of course mental health needs to be addressed.”

“Its a very complex issue, and because of that we have a very complex cast of individuals that bring different perspectives to this,” he says.

Much like the highly successful “Obama 2016” documentary which earned $40 million, Koenig is using a grassroots effort to promote and show his film.

A soon-to-be launched website will allow people to request a showing at their local theater.

The documentary already is set to open June 20 in Houston and other parts of Texas.

See the movie trailer here!