A Texas man who lost is wife and two daughters aboard TWA Flight 800 remains skeptical about a soon-to-be aired documentary alleging a government coverup.

Pam Lyncher was a real estate agent in Spring Valley Village.  She and the couple's daughters, 10-year-old Shannon and 8-year-old Katie, were on their way to Paris for a long weekend.

Joe Lychner tells KTRH News he doesn't know what to think of the new documentary.  After a four-year investigation, the National Transportation Safety Board said a fuel tank exploded, killing all 230 passengers.

Six of those investigators now are siding with conspiracy theorists who believe the explosion happened outside the plane, possibly from a missile or other weapon.  They're petitioning to re-open the probe.

“This is a matter of national security,” says Lychner.  “They had a duty to come forward and bring this forward 17 years ago if indeed this is true.”

“I'm convinced that it was a mechanical malfunction barring any new information that is exposed, so we shall see,” he says.

The documentary's co-producer Dr. Tom Stalcup says all will be revealed when TWA FLIGHT 800 airs on EPIX next month.

“The investigators who handled the wreckage never signed off on the official theory,” Stalcup tells KTRH News.  “In fact, they were not allowed to write an analysis of what happened.”

Stalcup previously co-founded the Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization after finding the government reports ignored critical damage patterns. 

The physicist also claimed they did not include an analysis of the initial high-speed debris plume that was tracked by multiple FAA radar sites and is associated with the cause of the crash.

A live broadcast of Stalcup’s radar analysis disproving the government’s official crash sequence aired in 1999.