If you have kids, you probably have a tough time getting them to put down their iPhones or iPads. The medical community is now weighing in on the issue.

Your kids won't like it, but the American Academy of Pediatrics says kids should use the technology for just two hours a day. Doctor Victor Strasburger wrote the policy, and told KTRH it really is as easy as it sounds.

“Parents should keep technology out of the bedroom. Kids tend to use it more and sleep less,” Strasburger said.

Dr. Wendy Rice says if you think that’s easier said and done you just aren’t trying hard enough.

“The beauty of the devices is that they are all portable. They can all sleep in the kitchen. You can make a nice little bed for them. They can all sleep there,” Rice told KTRH.

Strasburger says kids are using technology for up to 11 hours a day, nine hours per day more than they should. And another new study says one in three kids learns how to use a smart phone before they learn to talk. Rice says you are to blame for that.

“Mobile devices are not pacifiers,” Rice stated.

Strasburger thinks parents make a mistake when they give kids new technology at such a young age.

“Parents think there’s a real rush to get kids acclimated to new technology,” he said.

But Strasburger also says there’s no scientific proof that using technology at such an early age helps kids get a leg up on the competition in school.