The company that says you can choose the traits you want in your baby is back in the news again. Only this time, they are telling you what might wind up killing you.

That's right. 23andMe says for just  99 dollars you can take a genetic test to find out what diseases you might wind up with later in life, whether it's heart disease or something else. Amy McGuire at the Baylor College of Medicine told KTRH it's just a sales job.

“They’ve been around since 2007. They now have a million dollar ad campaign in an effort to reach one million customers by the end of the year,” McGuire said.

McGuire says it’s what the company isn’t telling you about the test that is somewhat misleading.

“The information you get back does not have a doctor attached to it. I would recommend that people consult a health care professional,” McGuire explained.

And McGuire says if you do find out that you could wind up with heart disease or something else down the road there isn't much doctors can do about it.

“It’s not clinically useful. There’s nothing doctors can do with this information other than tell you that you should be doing things you should be doing anyways,” McGuire stated.

McGuire says that leads to another problem.

“The majority of doctors don’t feel competent in interpreting genetic information because they don’t have that training,” McGuire said.

We reached out to 23andMe for this story, just like we did last week. They did not return our calls.