We've been talking about a cashless economy for decades and we're almost there. But hackers have many of us too nervous to use our debit cards and some experts recommend credit cards only.


Financial advisor Liz Weston says when it comes to debit cards don't leave home with 'em.


"The more I learn about security the less I use my debit card. I've just discovered that those cards are vulnerable; it's basically a key right into your bank account."


But John Heasley of the Texas Bankers Association says that concern is overblown. 


"There are perils in any type of payment. A lot of folks would not think it advisable to carry around a lot of cash."


Heasley says both debit and credit cards are safe, but he concedes debit cards require more monitoring on the part of the consumer.


"For debit cards there's a little more responsibility put on the consumer to monitor the withdrawals from the account; but in most cases they're reimbursed as well."