A new study about distracted driving came up with some surprising conclusions, and the people that are supposed to keep you safe don’t necessarily agree with them.

The study says that talking on your phone isn't as dangerous as reaching for your phone to check a text message or email. Texas DPS trooper Richard Standifer says his real world experience in dealing with car accidents tells him a different story.

“My experience has been drivers were paying attention to something that was being said on the phone and they either missed a stop sign, red light or speed limit,” Standifer told KTRH.

Standifer also thinks people could use these results as a way to justify cell phone conversations while they drive, even if they use a hands-free device.

“People will continue to talk on the phone while they are driving at speed. And unfortunately, when we come into contact with them, it won’t be a positive interaction,” Standifer explained.

But there are others that disagree with Standifer, like Chad Dornsife of the Best Highway Safety Practices Institute.

“I’m impressed that what we knew was the truth rather than what we were told turns out to be the truth,” Dornsife told KTRH.

Dornsife says the study proves that we don't need distracted driving laws, just common sense.

“It tells us we don’t need all these laws to be safe. Our intuition as to what is actually safe is probably right,” Dornsife stated.

The study included 151 licensed U.S. drivers; 109 experienced drivers and 42 new drivers, and it also showed that newer drivers do get distracted more easily than others.