Disabled veterans are questioning the finances at a well-known Houston charity, "Help A Hero."  They say they want the charity's books opened up for inspection.  Disabled Marine Sergeant Eddie Wright is a former board member who resigned in protest when his questions about the finances weren't answered. 

“We want the mission of the organization to continue,” Wright says.  “It just can't continue and it can't be transparent with its current structure -- and that's gotta change.” Help A Hero raised four million dollars in 2012.  It uses that money to provide houses to returning disabled veterans.  Wright and other former board members say their questions were met with hostility and intimidation.

“It's been a tough, long road, trying to bring these things to light,” he says.  “We tried to correct it inhouse, because I really do believe in the mission of the organization.  But, at this point it's beyond that.”