Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, who faces a tough fight in his effort to remain Lt. Governor, made a call to police in Allen looking to get the wife of his nephew out of jail on a shoplifting charge.

“If you would explain to me what I need to do to arrange for her getting out of jail this evening,” Dewhurst is heard saying on the call. “This is one of the sweetest women in the world.”

That is audio from tapes released by the police in Allen. But, Dewhurst did say he wanted to play by the rules.

“You can proceed with whatever you think is proper,” Dewhurst said.

But Dewhurst did make it clear as to who he was when he was making the call.


“You don’t know me,” Dewhurst explained. “But I am every year the No. 1 pick of all of the law enforcement in Texas.”

Ellen Bevers, a school teacher in Allen was arrested on the shoplifting charge at a Kroger grocery store on August 3rd.

A Dewhurst spokesman says the Lt. Governor was just acting as a “concerned family member.” But Democrats and his Republican rivals say that Dewhurst was acting like he was "beyond the law."

Dewhurst lost in the primary election last year to Ted Cruz in the race to replace Kay Bailey Hutchison in the United States Senate. He recently announced his intentions to run for Lt. Governor again, but he will face a challenge in the primary next year from a number of Republicans, including Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson