Homeland Security is now exploring the idea of allowing agents to snap pictures of your license plate to create a “hot list” of “target vehicles.”

It's called the National License Plate Recognition database, where agents would upload a photo of a license plate by simply using their smart phone. 

Civil rights attorney Randall Kallinen says every warm blooded American should be outraged.

“Regardless of whether you're in the Tea Party or Communist Party, you should be concerned about this,” Kallinen tells KTRH News.

“It provides them with a manner to know where people are who have never committed a crime or never been suspected of a crime, to who they are with and the cars they are driving,” he says.

The government says an outside contractor would oversee the database, but Kallinen says that offers little comfort.

“A lot of this information is often used by the people collecting it and have access to it to track their girlfriends and boyfriends, employers, and often times just to harass people,” he says.

A DHS spokesperson tells KTRH News the information would only be used to help locate suspects of ongoing investigations.