**UPDATED 2:30pm 7/19**

HPD says four elderly men were forced to live in the garage of a home in north Houston for possibly weeks or longer.

The men aged 54, 65, 74, and 79 were held against their will and were forced to turn over their social security and VA benefits.  Three of the elderly men were unable to walk when authorities arrived and are now being treated at LBJ Hospital.

The room where the men were found was in diplorable condition.  Trash littered the room that had no furniture and no bathroom.

The four men were not the only people in the home when police arrived.  Three women, a grandmother, mother, and daughter were also found in the home though it is not clear if they were living in the home or held against their will.  Another man was taken into custody by police for questioning but so far no charges have been filed.  The women are suspected to have mental disablilities.

Adult Protective Services has made arrangement for one of the victims to be taken to a VA hospital.

Photo taken by our tv partner Local 2's Joe Campos