The Democratic National Committee is in the middle of its worst fundraising year in a decade, but the party continues to believe it can turn the tide in Texas and other red states.

The Republican National Committee outraised the DNC by about $2million dollars in July.  In fact, the RNC has posted better fundraising figures every single month this year, even going back to most of the 2012 campaign.

“I think they realize Obamacare is a huge mistake,” says Harris County GOP chairman Jared Woodfill.  “They're really having buyers remorse, they're looking for a new party and new candidates.”

Despite the fundraising figures, Texas Congressman Randy Weber says that's no reason for Republicans to let up.

“The RNC did a good job in raising money, but we need to be getting our message out to young voters, and we got beat in the social media game last time,” Weber tells KTRH News.

The DNC meanwhile, has been recruiting members to take back Texas.

“Joaquin Castro is actually leading the effort, if he really believed in the cause he would be running for governor or something at the statewide level, but he understands he can't win,” says Woodfill.

Weber agrees that Democrats likely are in an uphill battle.

“They've announced they want to turn Texas blue, well good luck with that,” he says.  “We've got good old fashioned Texas values here, Texans don't buy in to bigger government is the answer.”