Monday is the filing deadline to protest your latest property tax bill in Harris county.

The average appraisal this year was up 17-percent, so even reducing that just a fraction could save you hundreds of dollars each year. 

“More importantly going forward, that's going to keep your taxes low for as long as you own a home,” says former tax assessor collector Paul Bettencourt

Homeowners can either file a protest by mail or online, but it has to be done by the end of the business day.

“You can not only electronically file, its called iFile, you can also iSettle which is negotiating with a computer on a website,” Bettencourt tells KTRH News.

“If you choose not to protest, there's no going back,” he says.  “The values will be higher next year that much is for sure.”

However, Bettencourt says you've got to come prepared.

“You've got to look at sales in your area, you have to look at the values of homes around you, that's called equity,” he says.  “You can even be in the process of building a home and use your own construction costs, either way you have to do your homework.”

If your appraisal was lower than what you bought your house, Bettencourt says don't worry about protesting.