A year ago nobody knew who Wendy Davis was.  Now, Democrats in Texas are hanging their hopes on the state lawmaker from Fort Worth.  Tomorrow, Davis is expected to announce she is running for governor.

“This is the most high-profile, marquee name to run for statewide office in more than a decade on the Democratic side,” says Harvey Kronberg, editor of The Quorum Report.

Kronberg explains why Democrats are excited about the possibilities for Davis, if she runs against Attorney General Greg Abbott next fall.  It goes back to her 11-hour filibuster in a special session which delayed a vote on an abortion issue.

“She electrified a constituency that had been trending Republican, and that's suburban soccer moms.”

Davis is expected to make her candidacy official in Fort Worth tomorrow.  And, as excited as Democrats may be, the odds are against her.  “She has established her bonafides as a fighter,” he says, “but she's still going to have a pretty dramatic uphill fight.”