Even though it’s not expected to be a close race, both candidates for Texas governor have come under fire from opponents.


Democratic candidate Wendy Davis made some controversial comments at the same time the Texas GOP was putting their platform together in Fort Worth.


“They’re talking about whether they should soften their language on immigration, but we all know where they are because they’ve been talking about it on the airwaves for the last couple of months,” Davis said during a speech last week. “And we know what they really believe and think about people who don’t look like them or come from where they come from.”


Many believe it’s just the latest mistake made by Davis in what has been, up until now, a campaign that has been unable to gain a lot of traction.  Harvey Kronberg at the Quorum Report explains why Davis is talking like that.


“What she’s trying to do is build something that is equivalent to the Obama coalition,” Kronberg told KTRH.


Will those comments hurt Davis down the road?


“I’m not sure it undermines her campaign in any sort of way. But it could be a talking point for Republicans,” Kronberg stated.


Davis is currently down by double digits in the latest polls. As for Republican candidate Greg Abbott, some feel the GOP platform on immigration hurts him, but Kronberg doesn't think so.


“I have never known a political candidate to run on a party platform. They typically run away from the party platform,” Kronberg said.


Kronberg also told KTRH News the criticism of Abbott over the GOP platform isn’t warranted.


“Abbott has been very much out front in his outreach efforts and very good at his outreach efforts,” Kronberg explained.<PSI_END_OBJECT>


One last note about the Davis campaign. Just yesterday she replaced current campaign manager Karin Johnson with Chris Turner.