In a split vote, Dallas County commissioners decided Tuesday to join a lawsuit against Texas' Voter ID law.  The lawsuit first was filed by Democrat Congressman Marc Veasey who argues the law violates free speech and equal protection.

Dallas County GOP chair Wade Emmert says Veasey didn't have money to go through with it, so he sought out a 'sugar daddy' in county taxpayers.

“In other words, Dallas County is going to be the ATM for this Voter ID challenge,” Emmert tells KTRH News.

The good thing he says, Democrats have an uphill battle.

“They'll have to convince the court that this particular Voter ID bill is somehow discriminatory,” says Emmert.  “No court has found that for this Texas bill.”

Meanwhile, Attorney General Eric Holder plans to ask courts to approve "preclearance" for certain states -- with Texas as his first target.

Emmert believes battle stems from fear that Democrats are losing their power.

“They want to do whatever they can to try to stop that,” he says.  “So they're going to be spending taxpayer dollars fighting a bill that taxpayers' representatives passed.  It just makes no sense.”