A safari club in North Texas wants to auction off a permit to kill an endangered black rhino in Africa, then use that money to help save the species.

Wayne Pacelle with the Humane Society of the U.S .thinks what the Dallas Safari Club is doing, is just wrong on so many levels.

“We just don't do this sort of thing in the United States, shoot endangered species for sport,” Pacelle tells KTRH News.  “We shouldn't allow an import permit for a trophy coming in from Namibia.”

“Its just not the right time when the world is rallying around the rhinos to save them from extinction for some wealthy person from Dallas to shoot one and donate some money,” he says.

The permit could fetch up to $1 million or more, and Houston Zoo director Rick Barongi says unfortunately, not enough people are donating to the cause directly.

“If we don't have a better alternative and that's the only way to save the species, then I'm all for saving the species,” says Barongi.  “But you've got to prove that its going to generate those other animals.”

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service must first grant the rare permit allowing the winning bidder to bring the trophy rhino back to Texas.

“If more people were giving money to groups like the International Rhino Foundation or Save the Rhino, maybe this wouldn't even come up, this wouldn't even be a debate,” says Barongi.