Cyber-security experts are warning the online community to watch out for a scam aimed at Netflix customers.  They have been getting e-mails telling them their account is suspended, then directed them to a support service provider to get it back.  Art Conklin is an Internet security expert and a professor at the University of Houston.

“No one calls and has you do something on the computer for them,” Conklin warns.  “No one e-mails you and has you do something for them.  No one text messages you.”

When you reach the support service, they try to gain access to your computer.  They either use that to rip you off, or charge you up to 400 dollars for the "service call."

Conklin says there are a lot of Internet scams to contend with.

“Every 15 minutes there's a new scam,” he says.  “If it's not Netflix, it's going to be your Amazon account.  If it's not your Amazon account, it's going to be this account, that account."