Cuts in food stamp benefits will have a major impact on food bank supplies as we move into the holiday period.  Even though the current reduction in benefits amounts to just $9 per person, per month, the total figure still represents two-thirds of the total volume distributed by the Houston Food Bank.

“Because the cards load throughout the first 15 days of the month,” says Food Bank President Brian Greene, “it's not an immediate impact.  And, the reality is most pantries limit how much they're going to provide people.”

Greene says children will be hit hardest because they represent 60 percent of the people fed by the “SNAP” program.

“We do anticipate that there is going to be more traffic over the coming months,” Green says, “but we don't anticipate that this is going to be just some sudden surge, but we do think there's going to be an increase in hunger.”

Greene says most of the people he sees are Houston’s working poor.  They have fulltime jobs, but they’re not making enough money to feed their families.