The controversial CSCOPE curriculum that opponents have called pro-Muslin and anti-Christian lives on despite efforts to try and kill it. But its opponents have taken the fight up to another level.

Activists Ginger Russell and Alice Linahan have posted some of the CSCOPE exams online.

“They hide them from the parents. They don’t send them home to let parents see what’s on them. If you’re going to give a test at school I think you ought to let the parents see it,” Russell told KTRH.

Russell thinks the curriculum is pro-Muslim.

“The PowerPoint presentation praised Allah. That was the initial thing that piqued my curiosity,” Russell explained.

Russell isn’t the only one posting exams. Activist Alice Linahan is, too.

“We had teachers sending us content. These were brave teachers speaking out. We were their voice,” Linahan told KTRH. “We’ve had teachers who are being intimidated and are not able to speak out about what is in this system.”

Mason Moses of the state funded Education Service Centers that developed CSCOPE told KTRH he’s not happy about the new developments.

“It’s very concerning. Each district uses these exams differently. They factor in a student’s GPA, which affects class rank,” Moses explained.

Moses says Russell and Linahan have caused major damage by doing this.

“Their intent is to continue to post assessments. That compromises the integrity of the system we put in place. We are assuming we have to go back and re-create these 700 assessments,” Moses said.

That would cost about a million dollars, which Moses says will come from their budget and not from your wallet.