Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has inked a $1.5 million book deal, agreeing to write a memoir about his brief tenure so far in Washington.

The amount is nearly double what Florida Sen. Marco Rubio received for his book, and a quarter million more than Sarah Palin after her vice presidential run in 2008.

“This is a figure reserved for very, very select and few people in the public entity,” says KTRH political insider Chris Begala. 

“So it tells you the power that is Ted Cruz, the audience out there that he can reach, and that they want to reach,” he says.

Cruz was unavailable for comment, however, Begala says like others before him, the book likely is a sign he plans to make a run for the White House in 2016.

“Any number of people have put out books,” he says.  “You can go back to Jack Kennedy's Profiles and Courage where he talked about his PT-109 experience.”

“This doesn't necessarily mean for sure he's running for president, but it is another prerequisite that helps him along to lay the predicate and the groundwork,” says Begala.

Cruz has been visiting key presidential states, raising his national profile.  He was in Iowa two weeks ago, and plans to be in New Hampshire next week and again later this month.