Whether it’s been an effort to stop Kountze High School cheerleaders from openly displaying their religious beliefs or League City from opening city council meetings with prayer, it seems like there have been many attacks on religion lately. But one Texas politician is trying to do something about it.

“If we keep going down this path, we risk losing our nation,” Senator Ted Cruz told the Christian Broadcasting Network. “Our country is facing unique challenges. Everywhere I go people are really afraid for the future of our country.”

Cruz said in Iowa recently that America needs a spiritual revival. And a recent poll suggests we might be on the way there. 62% of Americans believe God helped created humans. Dave Welch of the Houston Area Pastor Council told KTRH that makes sense to him.

“The basis of morality and virtue as our Founding Fathers said repeatedly was religion,” Welch told KTRH. “It’s something that a lot more people are looking at carefully as part of their search for meaning and value.”

But David Muscato of American Atheists sees it differently.

“There’s no evidence that God exists,” Muscato said when he spoke with KTRH. “The belief is not healthy for society. It’s simply mythology. Over and over we’ve seen that cultures that have the least religion have the best standards of living.”

And there may be more people who share that view. 21% of those polled to be exact, and that's up from 13% in 2004.