If you’ve watched any of the national cable news networks lately, you don’t hear as much as you used to about the crisis at the Texas-Mexico border. It might lead you to think that the situation has been resolved, right?

Well, according to those who have spent time at the border lately nothing could be further from the truth.

Bob Price, an immigration expert for Breitbart, was just at the border over the Labor Day weekend and tells KTRH the problem is as bad as it ever was.

“We found three more bodies in Brooks County last week. I witnessed the capture of many other illegal immigrants. I went looking to members of the Texas National Guard and had a tough time finding them down there,” Price said. “The problem is anything but fixed.”

Price isn't surprised at that, given how big of an area the Texas National Guard has to patrol, but he told KTRH he is surprised by the hours the troops have to keep while they are part of Operation Strong Safety.

“One of the things we found out is that they’ve been put on twelve hour shifts with no days off,” Price explained. It will be interesting to see how their fatigue level lasts as they move forward.”

Price says the Guard hasn't been told how long they'll have to work those hours. In another development, a Border Patrol agent reportedly fired several rounds toward an armed militia member, but no one was hurt.